Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Aussie Nude Bowling

Story by R.U Nude
16th September 2009
Are you interested in joining in in some new nude activities? Finally we are able to announce the types of activities and areas on offer, and we are very interested in hearing from you. Currently we have 70 activities available ranging in price from the reasonable to the ridiculous. In particular we have Nude Ten-Pin Bowling available in both Melbourne and Southern Queensland. Currently we are seeking expressions of interest from individuals interested in attending, although no dates have been set. Given that these are 'closed' events, the owners require us to book the entire facility. Therefore, to make it affordable we need 150 individuals to make it worthwhile.

Check out what is on offer below, and if you are interested in either the QLD or VIC Ten-Pin Bowling activities, please send an email from the page below to register your interest and join our mailing list.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately most of these activities are priced
out of the range of most people plus it is clear what type of persons they
want to attend.
I feel sure that there will be very few if any low-income earners,
pensioners, disabled or indigenous persons at these venues or partaking of
the recreations and activities being promoted.
Regards. John S. Adelaide."

R.U Nude said...

We have only taken what has been offered by businesses John - we can do no more than that. The same can be said for activities in life in general, or should naturists receive a discount? If you would like to develop a cheaper alternative activity, why not go out and do it? At lease it costs nothing to criticise...