Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nudist Classifieds

Hey all!

Been quiet of late, but haven't been resting on my laurels. We have been busy changing the format of many of our pages to bring them up to scratch. This includes our Australian Nude Beaches and Aussie Nudist Resorts. These have been completely overhauled to give them a new look and better functionality.

We have also made substantial changes to our Nudist Activities pages for Australian Nudists and are currently busy working on our Victorian Nude Ten-Pin Bowling Night set to occur in March/April 2010. Any interested Melbourne Nudists can apply for this event HERE. Out Nude Places map has also been very popular on Google Maps and has received several thousand hits since launching.

We are now very happy to announce the nude classifieds for Australian Nudists to buy and sell goods between themselves. This is one important development, as we work hard to ensure that Australian Nudists share a sense of community. So why not check them out today, and see if our Nudist Classifieds can help you. Currently guests cannot post classifieds, but that will change when all of the 'spam protection' procedures are set in place.

Keep your eyes peeled for Nude Art to be launched later in the year.


Aussie Naturist


tony booth said...

are there any postings to date? I am also a member of aussie naturist

R.U Nude said...

Yes Tony, there are already a few listings. You will have to browse through to find them.