Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nude Camping

Hello fellow and aspiring naturists.  I’d like to take some time to talk about naturist camping.  Recently I spent seven weeks on the road.  Our holiday began in Brisbane and we travelled to Darwin and then back down the coast from Townsville.  The initial part of the trip was uneventful, as we travelled up through Queensland’s north west through to the Northern Territory.  Because our van is fully self sufficient we stayed many nights at free campsites.  Each evening we would have a ‘bush shower’ totally nude out in the open.  There’s nothing like the joy of taking a shower in the bush watching the sun go down.

It wasn’t until we reached Mataranka Springs, which is in the Northern Territory that the first opportunity arose to have a nude swim.  We actually stayed at Mataranka Cabins Caravan park which is on the northern side of town.  Bitter Springs itself is a 5 minute walk from the caravan park.  Because the springs isn’t developed for the tourists as Materanka Springs is, not to many people go there.  This means that in the afternoon, when everyone has left for the day, I spent quite some time enjoying the water and the natural surroundings.  It was a shame that I had to leave such a tranquil place as darkness fell.

The next opportunity I had was at Edith Falls, which is about 70klm north of Katherine.  The falls are multi-level so if you’re willing to climb a little you can find a quiet spot for some nude swimming in one of the upper pools.

After Edith falls there wasn’t any swimming opportunities, but I did manage a bit of a nude bushwalk at Lichfield National Park.

After Lichfield we travelled to Darwin.  Casuarina Beach is Darwin’s nude beach.  What a wonderful place.  Because of the beaches westerly aspect, you can sit on the beach and watch the sun go down over the water.  It’s nearly impossible to put into words the beauty of these moments.  People just sit in total silence.  For me, this was a defining moment in my life.  It was truly a moment when I ‘felt God’s presence’.  I wonder if this is what it was like in the Garden of Eden.  It was very emotional as well.  For anyone who hasn’t felt such peace, I’d suggest you find yourself somewhere, maybe in the mountains by a lake, by the shore of a secluded beach, or anywhere you can be alone with yourself or your partner, and take your clothes off and just sit in quiet reflection.

The removing of clothes is as much symbolic, as it is practical, as doing so also seems to remove the burdens of life.  To just sit in quiet reflection and melt with nature is incredibly therapeutic.

I was sorry to leave such an Idyllic place.  I wasn’t to be disappointed though as further into our holiday we would find another paradise.

We travelled from Darwin back down to the ‘three ways’ and across to Cloncurry.  We again stayed at a free campsite by the river.  Bush showers had returned.  The trip continued across to the coast just above Townsville (see map).  We found our next piece of paradise at a place about 60Klm above Townsville, called Rollingstone Park or as it is better known as, Bushy Parker Park.  Being another free campsite, we strategically place our van so that we could have our bush showers.  Because of the time of year there wasn’t many travellers there.  Just behind the park is a river.  What an awesome place.  I’d get up just as the sun was coming up and go for a nude swim.  In the evenings when the few people had left I’d disrobe and swim some more.  The quietness with just the noises of the wildlife, ahh, such joy.
We stayed at a few more places along the coast, including St Helens Beach.  Very secluded.  We were the only ones there.  We only stayed 2 nights here, there were too many midgies and I git bitten too much.  Having said that they only come out in the evening and if there is a southerly breeze then they do seem to be around.  I went for a few nude bushwalks there.
 Our final stop was at Inskip Point just off the bottom tip of Fraser Island.  We stayed there 5 nights.  Had a lovely night-time nude walk on the beach.  You have to be selective about this.  Inskip is very popular.  Finally it was off home.

Soon I’ll be over at Fraser Island and there will be plenty of opportunities there.  From what I’m told, Fraser is the unofficial ‘naked island’
In all it was an awesome holiday and some quality time spent nude.  This trip is what ‘sealed the deal’ for me and the nude lifestyle.  Naturism, in reality for me, isn’t insomuch a lifestyle, it who I am now.  If you were ever in doubt, please give it a good go.  You won’t regret it.

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thanks for your story, lucky you!!! i live at mission beach and lucky enough to host overseas travellers, some i introduce to the naked lifestyle as there are some beautiful forrest walks and beaches where you can swim or walk naked. put it on your list of places for your next trip,