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Naturism Vs Nudism

Story by R.U Nude
16th August 2009

The debate between the Naturist and the Nudist has raged for time immemorial, and has often become heated. In the end, all it has served is to delineate certain naturists from others, and shatter the unity and tolerance that both naturism and nudism is supposed to personify. The division between different naturists has been further exacerbated by the political differences between beach nudists and club nudists. However, when it all boils down to it, we are all the same underneath, and all in some way fight the same battles, albeit on different fronts. With the lack of an organised movement in a positive direction in Australian naturism, perhaps the time has come for a shift away from both titles to something entirely different. Why should such a drastic move be necessary? One doesn't have to look too far on the internet when searching for nudist/naturist content to realise the sheer volume of sexual related material. Of perhaps greater concern is the number of individuals in photographs displayed engaged in sexual activity.

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Unfortunately naturist have in the past vehemently denied that sex and naturism occur simultaneously, resulting in this common behaviour going unchallenged at our nude beaches across the country. This problem is highlighted by club nudists who tend to ignore or deny that they too sometimes have issues of the same ilk, although they are able to control them better, being private premises. However people may choose to ignore the problem, the rest of us enlightened individuals who have an interest in the future of naturism need urgently to stand up in opposition. The sad fact is that there are many individuals out there who simply equate nudity with sex, unlike the enlightened nudist who is able to delineate the two. The widespread proliferation of internet based nudist pornography only serves two disturbing purposes:
  • It gives 'exhibitionists' cause to think that we naturists accept their displays of sexual activity, and;
  • It shows gives the general public (and more importantly the media) the impression that we all support, or at the very least tolerate, sex on our beaches.
Of course we know that neither of these facts are true, but if we do not physically challenge exhibitionists, take action against them, and speak out against them, this deplorable and illegal activity will continue unabated, and become even more common until local authorities are forced to close all our beaches. Such individuals, in their very behaviour, demonstrate that they are not afraid of being exposed - in fact 'exposing' themselves and their lewd sexual acts is their primary aim. The have no concern for others around them, for the law, for children present and mistakenly believe that people want to see them engaged in sexual acts. Clearly, from the images obtainable throughout the internet, they are not even afraid of being photographed and plastered throughout all corners of the globe. There is one thing they are afraid of, and that is being caught.

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It is unfortunate, and also fortunate, at how quickly information is spread across the internet. One can find internet sites promoting certain nudist beaches as 'gay' pick-up joints, and some which even go quite a bit further. However, we can and should also be using the internet to focus our efforts to fight and expose the undesirable elements in nudism. The individuals who engage in sexual conduct on nude beaches could not be further removed from naturism. They do not follow any of our beliefs, they have no interest in the type of freedom we seek, nor are they particularly interested in making friends. Casual encounters, quick jollies, and exhibitionism is their main priority. One has to also question the level of intellect, given that they don't seem to understand that their activities threaten the very place they like to indulge. Somewhat akin to going to the toilet in their own nest.

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There is one, and only one, course of action. And before you say it is all too hard, consider this. We are already a minority, thus the exhibitionist is a minority within a minority. We have the power and the numbers to stand against them and take the necessary action. What is more, we also have the law on our side. Do not kid yourself that calling the police will cause you to be arrested or embarrassment. We have seen, and directly spoken to clothed police, on nudists beaches who were there to arrest individuals. We have also had friends who have directly challenged exhibitionists (not advised), seized cameras, taken photos of perpetrators, and called the police. It's quite amazing how quickly these people move along when they realise that the police are (or might be) on the way. One only needs to pretend to call the police to send the individuals on their way. It's time we reclaimed our beaches and protected them from closure, rather than expect someone else to do it. It we want our valuable lifestyle to continue and to grow, if we want our image in the public eye to improve, the onus is on us to act now and show the community that we do not tolerate lewd conduct in our neighbourhood either!

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