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Nude Band Rocks South East Queensland

Story by R.U Nude
9th August 2009

On the 25th of April, 2009 a new Aussie Band with a difference was launched at the Cooroy Colony in South East Queensland. The Naked Drummer and the Baileys Road Band tell the story of what it is like to be a naturist in Australia, sometimes tongue in cheek, and always with a smile. The band has produced some thought provoking songs as well as toe-tapping hits specific to nudists, and even a song written from the perspective of a non-nude partner. The ten track album, due to be released to the media on the 25th of April at Carters Ridge in Queensland, shows that there is a lot more to Naturism than just skinny-dipping at the beach. The event was organised by the president of the nudist web forum Aussie Naturists, with the kind support and sponsorship of the ANF. As the first event of it's kind in Australia, it was a huge success.

Judgement TimeThe Naked DrummerMaking the BeatThe Event MC

The event included a body-painting competition, with the support of professional body painter Jude Spence from Awesome Face Painting. Jude certainly had her work cut out for her with people lining up throughout the day to have their bodies transformed into some very creative art work. The competition culminated in a prize of two nights accommodation for a couple at two Musavale Lodge in SE Queensland and one night at Extraordinary People's B & B in North Queensland. Of course, being ANZAC Day, we commemorated the ultimate sacrifice of our diggers in war who gave us the freedom to be who we are today. This includes the right to be nudists. On the day there was also a very carefully orchestrated sausage sizzle, as well as champagne and refreshments.

Awarding the PrizesThe Whole GangShowing the ColoursThe Drummer Naked

The CD launch was a huge success, with one nudist commenting "This is the best nudist event I have ever attended, and I'll be the first to put my hand up for the next one. It's only a shame that more media didn't turn up to see that we nudists are not at all like they tend to portray us in the press." The President from Aussie Naturists. Throughout the afternoon, the band played some of their songs from the CD to the delight of the people who attended, who were very vocal in expressing their appreciation as they danced and enjoyed themselves. The Naked Drummer & the Baileys Road Band consists of Richard (on drums), Tracey (rhythm guitar), Dennis (lead guitar) and Yvonne (bass guitar). Richard has been a keen nudist for approximately 15 years, embracing the lifestyle and all it has to offer. He and Dennis have been friends for almost as long and have played music together on and off over the years. During an “off” period where they had both got caught up in the busyness of life, they each realised that there was something missing and boredom was setting in. Music was the missing element and so they got back together, this time bringing in the girls to create more of a band feel. stated, "We need to have more such events in Australia, not only to promote unity and tolerance among nudists, but also to attract younger nudists who feel we are all about 'Ye olde sports' and have nothing to offer them". Body painting is widely practiced in European Naturism, and is only a natural extension of the lifestyle. He said, "Naturism is a lifestyle where people chose to be naked, it has nothing to do with sex or perversion, and it's time we stood up and used our rights to prevent the descrimination which is rife at the moment. All it will take is one serious anti-descrimination case, and the media will think twice before printing their ridiculous, un-researched stories."

Awarding the PrizesThe Whole GangShowing the ColoursThe Drummer Naked

So with Richard on drums, Tracey playing rhythm guitar, Dennis on lead guitar and Yvonne playing bass, they had a whole heap of fun playing music together in the ‘Band Room’ every Friday night. While they play mostly covers, they have come up with a few songs of their own. Richard, the only nudist of the group, wrote the song “I Got to be a Nudist” and Dennis wrote the music. They added this to their repertoire and got such good feedback about it from both nudists and non-nudists alike, that they decided to write more.
Baileys Road Band

While Dennis, Yvonne and Tracey are not nudists, through Richard (who of course is the ‘Naked Drummer’), they have gained an understanding of what the lifestyle is all about, and have on occasion accompanied Richard to the Nudist Beach. Dennis and Yvonne even ventured bravely into getting their gear off for one of Richard’s Video clips for his song, which can be viewed HERE. Even though not nudists, they have found themselves defending the lifestyle to people, who through ignorance equate it with sex and generally have the wrong idea about it. The band has found their songs communicate a better understanding of what the Nudist Lifestyle is all about, as well as providing a window of opportunity to explain it to people so they are better informed. "Thanks to Aussie Naturists members who attended, and the band's extraordinary efforts and musical talent, we have been able to promote naturism in a very positive light, and in collaboration have been able to show that 'online nudists' definitely do exist, and are just as genuine as club nudists", states Aussie Naturists President. You may purchase a copy of the The Naked Drummer and The Bailey’s Road Band first CD online HERE, read more about the band, contact the band, and view more images from the event. Look out for the band at your next nudist event - they are available for bookings.

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