Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nudity is Natural & Wholesome

Liberated Christians
20th May 1999
Many people have been brought up taught that nudity is immoral and we should never allow others to see our true bodies. It is alright to titillate with provocative clothing, or tiny beach wear, but not to show the natural beauty of our bodies, especially genitals or women's breasts. This sense of shame is not inborn: it is learned. Babies have no shame and neither did many early Christians in Biblical times. Fortunately today there is also a very rapidly growing naturist movement that has learned: "Nude is not lewd". Nudism promotes a healthy respect and trust with each other and after a few minutes of uncomfortableness when first exposed to this experience it becomes much less sexual and more naturally enjoyable. Nudity can be sexual if consenting persons wish it to be and in appropriate settings, but it is not necessary to progress from nudity to sexual activity. We can learn to respect one another's sensitivities and interests and communicate these to one another.
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fatpizzaman said...

Being a Christian myself, I find it quite sad that most of my fellow Christians refuse to accept the truth of this article and prefer to listen to what the world says about naturism (i.e. it is always sexual or that it is a weird activity). Even for Christian naturists, the web page where this article originates from is often at odds with traditional Christian values such as nudism, polyamory, women's rights to abortion, and empowering gay and lesbian equality. But it is still a great read for the more thinking and liberally minded naturist regardless of whether they are religious/spiritual or not.