Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to look good naked...

Story by Lady Jane
22nd August 2009
As a 26 year old female naturist, I am often baffled why women are afraid of their own nudity. Lets face it, we spend most of our lives (once we reach puberty) trying to get people to notice us. We daub ourselves with make-up, buy the fanciest perfumes we can afford, spend most of our income (and then some) on shoes and clothes, all to look good, be noticed, and feel good about ourselves. Surely, if it is all about getting noticed, isn't there a far easier way to achieve that? Initial impressions are that nudists all perve on each other, and while that may happen in some cases, on the whole one generally starts to forget completely about being nude, and can relax completely.
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Jo said...

Thanks for writing this. It's so ridiculous that simply being in appropriate locations without textile on continues to be such a big deal.
You've ~ said ~ it all. Now it needs to be accepted by more people.